Turn your regular key
into a smart key

Locky won’t let you leave the door unlocked or lose your key

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Locky is an easy to install, smart overlay which makes sure you locked your door by tracking the key movements.

Unlocked door notification 
Door status history 
Key left in the lock alert 
Built-in key finder 

Why Locky?
Make sure that your home is safe.

It was never that easy: a simple overlay for your regular key, the same everyday routine, no complicated mechanical installation. Locky secures your home, makes you feel safe, and guarantees sweet peace of mind.

Forget about forgetting to lock the door

Locky won’t let you leave the door unlocked ever again. When you forget to close them, an instant notification alerts you as soon as a few steps away from your doorstep.

Locate your keys anytime you need them

With Locky, finding your lost key is a matter of seconds. When you can’t find them, use the key tracker function to trigger a loud alarm or check last seen location through the App.

Get full history of door status on your phone

Keep things under control with a full door lock history. Anywhere, anytime, you can check the exact time and day when you or your close ones locked or unlocked the door to your house.

"Instead of a smart lock, Locky makes your key smart”


„Forget smart Locks: Locky makes your keys smarter”


„The most sophisticated product is Locky”

Get Locky
(choose when using one key for one lock)

icon Unlocked door notification 
icon Key left in the lock alert  
icon Built-in key finder  
icon 1 overlay tracks 1 door 
icon No on-door installation 

Get Locky + beacon stickers
(choose when using one key for multiple locks)

icon Unlocked door notification 
icon Key left in the lock alert  
icon Choose Locky with beacons  
icon 1 overlay tracks multiple doors
icon Easy-to-install door sticker 
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